Nail Polish of the Moment


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Here’s Maybelline’s Color Show Nail Lacquer in the shade Green With Envy.  It’s a pastel pistachio color from a local drugstore.  Kudos to the color, but not to the formula.  It’s thick in consistency, yet streaky, so two coats is necessary.  I had a difficult time keeping the lacquer neat against the cuticles and on the sides of the nails.  I would say this polish is a no-go for painters who want fuss free application.  Deborah Lippmann has spoiled me.



Clinique’s “Take the Day Off” Cleansing Balm


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I’m sure cleansing balms have been on counters for longer than the recent hype (beginning when the Emma Hardie Amazing…Cleansing Balm took the beauty blogosphere by storm).  Whatever their history, I was intrigued.  Here’s the rundown: cleansing balms, like cleansing oils, are suited to all skin types; even oily faces.  With the consistency of a soft lip balm, they’re meant to be massaged onto a dry face and removed with a warm moist washcloth.  The oils emulsify into a milk when wet, so the balm won’t stay behind and clog pores.  Cleansing balms take off all types of makeup, sunscreen, oil, and whatever else is trapped in the skin.  As someone who struggles with blackheads, I was thrilled to discover that the balm helped to lift them from my pores.

Clinique’s Take the Day Off cleansing balm is the only option I have tried thus far.  At $28.00 it’s a significantly cheaper alternative to the multitude of high-end cleansing balms on the market.  I takes off all my makeup and rinses clean, without residue.  It is also unscented, offering up an option for buyers who are particular with smells.  I am throughly pleased with my purchase.  I cannot deny the deep cleanse!


Beautiful Day, Huh?


This is our first acquaintance, and yes, conversation is broaching the topic of weather!  If you ever travel to New England, you may experience how swiftly the weather can shift.  Just yesterday, my family and I were loading our belongings into a storage unit.  Midway through, there was a blip in the otherwise sunny day.  The downpour was deafening from inside the U-Haul.  Thunder cackled and water gushed from drainpipes.  The aisle in which we’d parked morphed into an impromptu water slide.  Had I a rubber duck, I could have sent it sailing underneath the truck and out the opposite end.

As swift as the rain came, it left and action resumed.  Depicted above is a reminder of the day’s unprecedented change of events.

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