This is our first acquaintance, and yes, conversation is broaching the topic of weather!  If you ever travel to New England, you may experience how swiftly the weather can shift.  Just yesterday, my family and I were loading our belongings into a storage unit.  Midway through, there was a blip in the otherwise sunny day.  The downpour was deafening from inside the U-Haul.  Thunder cackled and water gushed from drainpipes.  The aisle in which we’d parked morphed into an impromptu water slide.  Had I a rubber duck, I could have sent it sailing underneath the truck and out the opposite end.

As swift as the rain came, it left and action resumed.  Depicted above is a reminder of the day’s unprecedented change of events.

Meek & Chic is intended to be a fashion and beauty blog, though I do want to touch on other subjects present in a young adult’s life.  The majority of blog posts will cover outfit coordinating and product picks, but as new phenomena enter my life, they may enter my blog.  Do bear in mind the future of this endeavor is as uncertain as my own future.  I hope we are both open to the coming changes.